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Champset is a company that sets itself apart from others by putting a strong emphasis on mental training. We believes that mental toughness is the foundation of success in any field.

Momodou smiling and holding his hands together
Everybody is created equally. Champions work harder mentally.

Benefits of a Mental Performance Coach

Enhance peak performance

We will help you set up goals and make sure to give you the help you need to enhance. Peak performance.

Personalised training programs

Get your own personalised programs based on your individual needs both physically and mentally

Manage stress and anxiety

You can't really escape feeling some type of way as an athlete. Learn to manage your emotions and perform at your best.

Get gritty!

Gain that competitive edge and killer instinct. Every athlete has an identity. With Champset you'll join the gritty team.


Get the expertise to reach next level

I am a Sports psychology graduate from Oslo Nye University and a former professional football player. I specialize in helping individuals develop the mental skills they need to succeed.


Get coached with personalized attention


I hold seminars for sport clubs and corporates

Don't just take my word for it. Listen to

What our clients think

" I was able to see my rehabilitation

I was going through a really hard period with a serious knee injury after a transfer. After I began working with Momodou, I was able to see my rehabilitation and process in a more positive way. I’m hungrier and more prepared for anything that is coming my way”

Mansour Gueye

Sogndal IL
" The arrangement is very, very professional

Given that we are such good friends, I am delighted that the arrangement is very, very professional. The effect has been good in terms of becoming aware of things you might not think about, on and off the field"

Solomon Owusu

Odd Ballklubb
" He is extremely knowledgeable about the mental part

Moumdou has helped me a lot in a short time, he is extremely knowledgeable about the mental part of people and I recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better and play better"

Zeidane Inoussa

SM Caen
" He has opened my eyes

to the importance of your mentality towards the game and has helped me structure and plan to create a champions mindset, after working with him, I’ve gotten more determined to get my mind right and I’m seeing the massive importance of it to have longevity in the game at a high level."

Jaiden Chang

Tooting & Mitcham United FC
" Little things affect the performance on field.

I have noticed that I have become more aware of how mental training can help me as a footballer, and how much all the little things and routines affect the performance on the field.[...]"

Bendik Kristiansen

Jerv, Norway
" Momodou’s football experience is very helpful!

He could relate to most of my situations and could lead me to see my adversities in different perspectives. He engages himself 100% and puts no limits to the tablets.”

Imam Jagne

Everton, England

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